Who is Andrea?

Andrea Cortellari is a journalist and media professional. He is from Italy, lives in the Netherlands, breaths ‘Turkish things.’ He writes for a living and reads for a passion. From 2011 to 2018 he has worked as a breaking news editor with an Italian newspaper. In 2018 he has quit his job to enroll in a MA at Leiden University. He recently graduated cum laude and he is now excited to get back to work.

The Long Story

Andrea is currently the Turkey Media Roundup editor at Jadaliyya.com. It sounds complicated, yet it is not. It basically means that every week he puts together a roundup of news and op-eds on and from Turkey, trying to keep track of what is happening in the country and what it has been written about it. He does so by looking at international and Turkish sources—newspapers, blogs, think tanks, you name it.

Why Turkey? That’s a really, really long story. The short version of it is that Andrea has a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies with a specialization in Turkish Studies. He got it from Leiden University in 2020, cum laude. He is proud of it. Like, really proud. He dreamed of it for a long time. He did not have a graduation ceremony because of COVID-19, but that is fine. Andrea spent Fall 2019 as an Erasmus+ Exchange student at Sabancı University, in Istanbul. He loves that city—and yes, he knows, “just tourists love it,” “try living here and then tell me,” and “have you ever taken the Metrobüs?” Yet, Istanbul is also part of the long story.

Andrea also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguaggi dei Media (Media and Communication Studies) from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. He got his BA in 2010. A few months after that, he started working as a journalist for the national daily il Giornale. When he was primarily a journalist, Andrea has written about a bunch of different things, in a couple of different places. He has contributed to the website Gli occhi della guerra, which is now called InsideOver Italia. He has occasionally written for HotMC, a small blog with a big, beating hip-hop heart, and has also translated some really good essays for Medium.com. For a while, he has experimented with a newsletter, but it did not last.

All in all, Andrea loves to produce engaging, well-researched long-form pieces. He knows very well how to deal with CMSs, SEO, post scheduling, nasty comments, and all those tedious bits of geeky stuff that readers usually prefer to ignore. He will tell you about it if asked.

Whenever he can, Andrea tries to convince his colleagues, readers, and passersby to get as passionate about different (food-)cultures as he is. He speaks Turkish—finally well enough. He is also fluent in Italian, English, and understands some Spanish and French. He learned most of these languages… well, except for his own, by listening to a lot of great music.