About Andrea

Andrea Cortellari is an Italian journalist who has being following Turkey for a while, mostly writing about politics, yet exploring many other aspects of the country’s history and cultural production. From 2011 to 2018 he was based in Milan, where he worked for the newspaper ilGiornale and for the website Gli occhi della guerra, now InsideOver.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Studies (Linguaggi dei Media, UniCatt 2010), and his home is now in The Netherlands, where he is completing a Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University.

He is spending Fall semester 2019 in Istanbul, as an exchange student at Sabancı University’s Turkish Studies program, and working on his MA thesis, which will focus on contentious politics and transnational conflicts in the Middle East in the late 1960s.

You can find him on social networks (Instagram, Twitter), where he shares good reads and at times his own work. He can be reached via e-mail, at andrea [@] andreacortellari.it

Things he Likes

  • Turkish politics. Because it’s damn fun.
  • The weird intersection between music and politics, where bizarre things such as campaign songs are found.
  • Contentious politics, social movements, and all those histories at risk of being forgotten, or scoffed at.