05. Purple rains on İstiklal

05. Purple rains on İstiklal

1. Turkish women take to the streets to demand equality. Ayla Jean Yackley, Al-Monitor

Activists say 15 years of rule by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has eroded women’s rights, even as he has vowed to end domestic violence and strengthen the role of women in Turkish society.

2. Turkey: the map of violence against women. Fazıla Mat. Obct

An interview with Ceyda Ulukaya, journalist and creator of the first map of femicides in Turkey – an original and appreciated data journalism project

3. The ‘Most Hopeful’ New Housing in Turkey. Jennifer Hattam, Citylab

Twenty years after being displaced by an earthquake, families in Düzce, Turkey, are getting homes that they helped design and build themselves.

4. The complicated history of punk rock in Turkey. Lottie Brazier. Dazed

How the youth culture mutated and spread across the borders of the conservative state

5. Yesilcam overtakes Hollywood and Bollywood in Somalia. Nuur Mohamed, Al Jazeera

Turkish TV series attracts Somali cinema audiences as Ankara’s soft power spreads across the Horn of Africa country