My Work at Jadaliyya

In November 2019, I joined the Arab Studies Institute for a period of four months, as the Turkey Media Roundup coordinator of the e-zine Jadaliyya. My job focused on providing a weekly roundup of news and opinion pieces about Turkey, mostly focusing on domestic and foreign policy, social issues, and economic developments.

The roundups provided a bi-lingual (English and Turkish) overview of the most discussed topics of the week and covered pro-government, opposition, and international media alike. Thus, rather than framing the events according to a predetermined set of ideas, they represented a wide variety of opinions and ongoing debates.

While my main task was to collect the most relevant articles and op-eds of the week, write a brief summary for each, and compile the roundup, I took the opportunity also to quickly test a couple of ideas on how to visualize the roundups in a different format, and how to share them on my personal channels.

I put together some graphics to share my work on social media

Software/Tools: Mainly GIMP, some tests on Canva | Channels: Instagram (Stories and Post), Facebook

I used Instagram as a vehicle to drive engagement

[Analysis WIP]

Here is a list of the roundups published on Jadaliyya

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