When events happened in Italy and were reported in Turkey

Of the many obsessions sparked by often unrelated research projects during the years, one that I constantly go back to is the interest in seeking out how major events – and not so relevant affairs – happening in Italy (my own country) were covered by the Turkish press, mainstream and not. İlişki, this sub-section of the website, is dedicated to these small findings. You could describe it as the virtual version of a researcher’s notebook, where pages are more scribbles than full-fledged articles.

Currently, the majority of these articles cover the 1960s, with the occasional incursion into the 1970s. The reason is that more often than not these findings are fortuitous, and surfaced while searching for something else. “Something else” being short for “primary sources for my MA thesis,” which indeed is focused on the turn of the 1960s in Turkey.

The ‘casual’ nature of these notes means that they are not necessarily exhaustive. It also means that other sources might have covered the same events, or told the same story, but I did not consult them or the archives were not as easily accessible to me. It does not mean, to the best of my knowledge, that they are also clumsy or misleading. Whenever possible, all sources are quoted. In rare occasions it wasn’t possible to precisely identify a source.

İlişki is a word, in the Turkish language. Perhaps it was abundantly clear. It means “relationship”, “tie”, “connection”. It implies “we,” instead of “Us/Them”.

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